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 Per Dahl Christina Framed Print
Vintage Per Dahl Christina framed print Per Dahl was a Scandinavian artist born in the 1930's ..
1980's Lady in Black Hat Large Signed Picture
Very stylish limited edition 1980's 'lady in black hat' framed print. Signed Bessez or Bessen? an..
Altamira Bison Cave Painting Print
Striking print of the famous Altimira bison cave paintings Circa 1970's and attractively framed i..
Dallas Simpson Large Cherry Hat Print
As seen in everyones Grandmas house! A large (65cm x 55cm) framed print of Cherry Hat by the UK's ow..
Leighton Jones Blue Nude Print
Framed Barry Leighton Jones print Blue Nude circa 1960's Leigton Jones is better known for his sa..
Per Dahl Komposition Print
Print of a Komposition painting by Per Dahl, a Scandinavian artist born in the 1930's Very good c..
Retro Van Cleef Small Boy Framed Print
Framed Van Cleef picture of a small boy reading. Circa 1950's, wood framed and painted in warm se..
Vintage Chinese Boats Oil Painting
Vintage framed oil painting of Chinese junks Nice abstract strokes and very attractive brigh..
Our second Rutledge horse print in as many months. Great style, vivid colours and a nice chunky f..
 Large Itzchak Tarkay Social Morning Print
We love the style of this large framed print by Itzchak Tarkay. Tarkay has been painting in ..
'Autumn Leaves' J.H. Lynch 1960's Retro Art
Classic original Lynch print. Autumn Leaves is a little harder to find than most, especially in this..
'Tina' J.H. Lynch 1960's Retro Art
Classic kitsch art and one of Lynch's best known prints Not to be confused with Van Der Sydes 'Ni..
Heinz Düllberg Wild Horses 1960's Retro Art
Heinz Düllberg, a fairly obscure German artist, painted mainly horses but only this particular ..
Tretchikoff 'Miss Wong' Retro Art
Perhaps the most recognisable kitsch art portrait of the time Tretchikoff's 'Miss Wong' is now a cla..
Design and Build (using Opencart) by Alastair Rose Photography