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Large Murano  Teardrop Glass Vase 1950's/60's
Beautiful large Murano teardrop shaped glass vase. Circa 1960's Heavy Sommerso case glass with bl..
Large Murano Cased Glass Vase
Heavy cased Murano glass vintage vase. Purple body with green base, all in clear glass. A be..
Large Scheurich 1960s Vase 285-40
West German jug vase by Scheurich circa 1960's A nice angular shape with sparse abstract decorati..
Large Vintage Butterfly Taxidermy Display
Large framed taxidermy display of butterflies with 12 different species of butterly. ..
Large Vintage Naval Signals Flag
A large vintage naval signals yellow and blue flag in linen. Hard to be precise with age but its ..
Large West German vase by Jopeko
Large West German vase by Jopeko circa 1960's Dark red fat style fading to a plain blac..
Leighton Jones Blue Nude Print
Framed Barry Leighton Jones print Blue Nude circa 1960's Leigton Jones is better known for his sa..
Metamec Retro Wall Clock
A classic Metamec wall clock circa 1960's White face with a brass surround on a white plastic bas..
Midwinter Charles Cobelle Fishing Boat Set
Vintage Midwinter 6 piece set with Charles Cobelle fising boat design. 4 side plates and a cup an..
Midwinter Spanish Garden Set
1960's Midwinter Spanish Garden set. An absolute classic, designed by Jessie Tate and a big selle..
Morley Top Railway Station Totem Sign
A rare relic of Morely Top station, South Leeds, closed in 1961. Enamelled iron mounted on board,..
Olivettii Lettera 32 Typewriter
Classic Olivetti Lettera 32, designed in 1963 by Marcello Nizolli Regarded as an iconic design, i..
Pair of 1960's GEC Wall Lights
Very stylish pair of wall lights made by GEC in the 1960's Both still boxed and unused. Vertical..
Pair of Scheurich West German Vases 529-38
A pair of stylish West German 1960's vases Made by Scheurich, we love the subtle differences..
Per Dahl Komposition Print
Print of a Komposition painting by Per Dahl, a Scandinavian artist born in the 1930's Very good c..
Rare 1960's OPM Oeslauer Vase 14.5cm
We love the shape on this OPM vase Produced in West Germany in the 1960's by Oeslauer Porzel..
Retro Eschenbach porcelein coffee set
A vibrant 1970's Eschenbach porcelein coffee set with circular orange and yellow design. 24c..
Retro Green Glass Pendant Light
Funky retro green glass pendant light.  Chrome ceiling pendant light with 32 C shaped g..
Retro His Masters Voice Record Wall Clock
We love the look of these old 78's, such great labels. Dating from the 1920's and 30's they're ma..
Retro Midwinter Stonehenge Sun set
Gorgeous retro Midwinter sun set. A rare butterdish, milk jug and bowl. All in great condition. ..
Retro Print Dining Chairs
Set of 4 dining chairs upholstered in a colourful, eye catching spotty fabric Pale varnished wood..
Design and Build (using Opencart) by Alastair Rose Photography