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1900's Black Victorian Bodice Jacket


Amazing black bodice jacket from the late Victorian/early Edwardian era at the turn of the centuryCream lace boned collar with black pleated and embroidered panels and sleevesIntricate construction with 2 hook and eye panels to the front and embroidered lapels then securing over the shoulder.We've tried to capture this in the photosSome marks to th..

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1900's Silk and Gaberdine Cape .


Simply beautiful, a brown silk and gaberdine cape with ruffled high collar and thick, roped tassels We've dated as early 20th century, from late victorian to the 1920's. The condition is very good, although the silk lining is fragile and beginning to go in places, We've photographed the worst. It could be easily replaced if you chose or sim..


1901 Victorian Mourning Parasol


A truly beautiful item from the turn of the last century.A black parasol with wooden stem and a glass and silver knob.The body of the parasol has layers of black lace ruffles and lace trim all in remarkable condition.The brolly mechanism even works perfectly.The silver hallmark has dated this to 1901, London madeVictorian /Edwardian as Queen Victor..


Antique Black Lace Mantilla Veil


A Mantilla is a traditional Spanish Catholic veil or shawl made from lace or silk worn over the head and shouldersOur example most likely dates back to the 1930's or earlier and is made from black lace with delicate beaded sequin detail.Rarely for mantillas that we've seen this example is designed to cover the whole head, neck and shoulders with a ..

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