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BTC Large Aluminium Pendant Light Shades


BTC large aluminium pendant lights. We have 5 of these industrial lighting pendants available Adjustable cable length  Height 33 cm Diameter 35 cm Light signs of wear but all in very good condition £48 each including UK postage..


Ladderax 3 Bay Shelving Unit


Classic 1960's Ladderax shelving unit. Originally designed for office use but now a much sought after home system.4 uprights so 3 bays consisting of 5 shelves, a drop down bureau, 2 sliding door cupboards and a large open cupboard (which would originally have had glass doors)This is the freestanding version with squared legs, the metal supports are..


Vintage Industrial Cabinet


Cool industrial style cupboard with mesh doors to two internal shelves and a drop down bureau style drawer.Got to say I'm not sure if this has ever graced the inside of a factory, most likely built to give that reclaimed touch to a home which it does very well indeed.104cm high, 60cm wide and 30cm deep.  the shelves have a height of 30cm.£95 P..

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