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4 bays of Vintage Ladderax


Large collection of mid century Ladderax, originally sold through office supply store Staples.Consists of two tall supports @178cm high, two medium supports and, as pictured, a shorter support @86cmThe whole set-up. as pictured, is 309cm wide.5 teak shelves in total plus 3 cupboards and one set of 3 drawers.The Ladderax is the traditional wall lean..

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Ladderax 3 Bay Shelving Unit


Classic 1960's Ladderax shelving unit. Originally designed for office use but now a much sought after home system.4 uprights so 3 bays consisting of 5 shelves, a drop down bureau, 2 sliding door cupboards and a large open cupboard (which would originally have had glass doors)This is the freestanding version with squared legs, the metal supports are..

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